Complete BioSmalltalk Syntax

Easiest programming language

Only 5 keywords. True complete reflective object model with the best developement tools. BioSmalltalk is released in a Pharo Smalltalk virtual image.

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Where innovation happens

Enjoy the programming environment where technology has brought Generational Garbage Collection, Just-In-Time Compilation, Model-View-Controller, Unit Testing, Traits, Lightweight Classes, Refactoring Browser and Method-Wrappers.

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Bioinformatics objects

Connect to NCBI BLAST, Entrez, EBI, and similar Bioinformatics services around the world. BioSmalltalk is a work in progress and you are welcome to collaborate with your skills. Sign-in the users or developers mailing-lists for details

Built for life-scientists and developers

In BioSmalltalk life scientists or non-professional programmers may develop fast without the complexities of typical programming environments.

BioSmalltalk Screenshot
BioSmalltalk Screenshot

High productivity

Prototype freely your models with no need of a database to store your objects. Change a running program, change the implementation of a class while looking at a live instance of it.

Supported ecosystem

BioSmalltalk relies on Pharo ecosystem well-known libraries like PetitParser, Roassal, XML Parsers, Zinc HTTP Components, Fuel, Numerical Methods, OS libraries, etc. No need to search and maintain library imports, file locations, folder structures, memorize commands, perform never-ending scrolling, declare types and casts, and no need to read endless manuals.